Ellen Marie Artistry

Let's meet the maker.

Ellen Marie Artistry

Ellen Schlobohm is joining Makers & Merchants Barossa as part of the Art Music Design residency.

This talented Barossa native works in multiple mediums and we’re excited to showcase her amazing paper cut designs.

We spoke to Ellen to about her art and what she loves about being part of Makers & Merchants Barossa.

“I also love to hear from people who have purchased my art and why they chose a particular piece.”

Tell us a little about Ellen Marie Artistry?

I work from my studio at home. I divide my time between design and making and administration, which includes delivering artworks and sourcing materials.

I’m a solo artist but I definitely rely on my partner Simon making me endless cups of tea while I’m working.

I also like to spend time outdoors, both for inspiration and a little R&R.


When did you start?

I started papercutting in 2008 and have slowly been growing my practice. I’ve been exhibiting since 2010 and had my first solo exhibition at Urban Cow Studio in 2014.

My practice has changed and grown as my skill set has developed. I mainly create cut paper art but I also do printmaking, installation, public art and teaching workshops.

Tell us about your work

I’ve created lots of commissioned paper cuts which commemorate special occasions like births, weddings and anniversaries. It’s so lovely to help people celebrate these special occasions. I love hearing the stories behind the imagery or motifs they use and why these are special.

I also love to hear from people who have purchased my art and why they chose a particular piece. I remember a couple bought an artwork from one of my first exhibitions at Bethany Wines. They’d been married at Bethany Wines 10 years before and were celebrating their wedding anniversary. The piece included words about being the key to my heart, which was perfect for an anniversary!


What have been the highlights so far?

I love being part of the vibrant South Australian arts community and meeting people. I’ve won several art prizes including the 2019 Adelaide Fringe Weekly Award for Best Visual Art and Design for ‘s.il.hou.ette~’ with Janaki Lele.

I’ve also expanded my practice to include public art. My first public art project was ‘The Welcome Mat’ where my designs were embedded in 6 streets off Goodwood Road. Since then I’ve created ‘The Beehives of Goodwood’ (metal sculptures) and the ‘Wrens Alighting’ mural in Concord West, NSW.


What excites you about being part of Makers & Merchants?

This is a great opportunity for me to have my work online for sale. I haven’t done this before and I’m interested to see how people respond to my work. I like the way Makers & Merchants Barossa promotes artists and artisans and celebrates the handmade.

I’m so excited about having my art for sale online. It will be interesting to see how the works are photographed and displayed. This is something I’m trying to improve on, but I’m still developing my photography skills.

I’m also looking forward to the potential connections being a part of Makers & Merchants Barossa will bring. I think there’s lots of potential for cross brand promotion and networking. I’m also interested in creating installations for events or window displays. Perhaps there will even be some opportunities for this through Makers & Merchants Barossa? I’ve done a little of this in the past but am definitely keen to do more.


Welcome Ellen Marie Artistry

We’re so excited to have Ellen Marie Artistry as part of the Makers & Merchants family. If you’d like to buy one of her unique pieces, we have a great selection of her products available online.

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